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Dark Matter Magazine was started during the COVID-19 lock-down of 2020. It is the brainchild of a dedicated group of science fiction enthusiasts with professional backgrounds in trade publishing, peer-reviewed science journals, marketing, corporate communications, broadcast news media, television, information technology, computer science, and graphic design. We hope to grow Dark Matter into one of the premier science fiction storytelling outlets on the market today. Our first issue will publish in January of 2021 and will feature a collection of writing and artwork curated by our staff. The magazine will be available in print and digital formats. We plan on publishing six issues per year.

Rob Carroll
Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director, Contributing Writer

Rob is a Communications Director based in Chicago, Illinois. He is currently the head of Chicagoland communications for a global nonprofit refugee resettlement agency. In the past, he has worked for trade publisher, Sourcebooks, trade agency, Blue Dot Literary, and research nonprofit, the Society of Behavioral Medicine. He was the Managing Editor for peer-reviewed science journal, Translational Behavioral Medicine, and was a marketing consultant for peer-reviewed journal, Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Both journals are published by Oxford University Press. He ran his own content and design business for eight years prior to his work in nonprofit communications, with a number of large companies as clients. His writing has appeared in numerous outlets, but most currently he has been writing exclusively about health equity and refugee resettlement. Science fiction is at the center of his creative core. He truly believes it to be the defining art form of modern life. Dark Matter Magazine is his dream project.

Phil McLaughlin
Associate Editor, Director of Adapted Media

Phil is a television and film editor based in Los Angeles, California. His most recent projects include AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, Hulu’s The Path, and the forthcoming Netflix series AWAY. He also collaborated on the short film Subject 19 which recently premiered with the sci-fi brand DUST. When he’s not being overwhelmed by his children, he enjoys listening to podcasts, “reading” audiobooks, and exploring the depths of Shudder.

Eric Carroll
Associate Editor, Producer, Director of Media Relations

Eric is an Emmy nominated television news producer, assignment editor, and freelance writer based in Chicago, Illinois. He has worked for NBC, FOX, and CW affiliates in major markets like Madison, Milwaukee, and Houston. He even spent a few years as a radio DJ in Illinois. He has extensive knowledge of broadcast production, recording, and distribution, and he is looking forward to building Dark Matter Magazine’s podcasting program from the ground up. He is also an expert in publicity and media relations.

Lucy McLaughlin
Senior Editor, Podcast Contributor, Contributing Writer

Lucy is a writer and project manager based in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from NYU with a degree in Medieval History, she went on to work as a contributing writer and editor for Teen Vogue, LifestyleMirror, and SELF Magazine, and as the Creative Director of HAZE Magazine. Her editorial experience laid the groundwork for her current position as a photo producer/project manager. She has worked with clients such as Harper’s Bazaar, Athleta, and Tatler Magazine. Outside of work, Lucy watches too much TV, trains in Muay Thai, and flops around with her dog, Ham.

Anna Madden
Associate Editor, Contributing Writer

Anna Madden lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Her fiction has appeared in DreamForge Magazine, where she also volunteers as a First Line Reader, and in the anthology, “Upon a Once Time,” by Air & Nothingness Press. She has a Bachelor of Arts: English degree with a creative writing emphasis from the University of Missouri—Kansas City. To learn more, visit her website at annamadden.com.

Marie Croke
Assistant Editor, Contributing Writer
Marie Croke

Marie Croke is a fantasy and science-fiction writer whose work has been published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Daily SF, and Cast of Wonders, among others. She’s an Odyssey graduate and a Writers of the Future first place winner. She lives in Maryland with her family, all of whom like to scribble messages in her notebooks when she’s not looking. You can find her online at www.mariecroke.com.

Dark Matter Magazine Robot
Worthless Lazabout, Certified Jerk, Interviewer

Dark Matter Magazine Robot was designed by some of the best and brightest minds in the first-year English undergrad program at the local community college over in West Chicago, IL. We ran a contest that asked local area college students to build us a robot assistant with a self-governing AI, and they were the only ones that entered, so here we are, stuck with an inferior model. Thanks to the hard work of some chain-smoking English majors with an axe to grind, the robot’s sole intended purpose was subverted. He was conceived as a means to make our jobs easier, but instead, he makes all our lives infinitely harder. He’s got a massive chip on his shoulder, and he literally hates our guts (meaning our literal human flesh). But we’re not ones to give up on a young mind in need of mentoring, so in a desperate attempt to improve his bitter outlook on life before it’s too late, we have recently tasked him with conducting scripted author interviews in hopes that this forced interaction with decent human beings will help teach him that humans aren’t half bad. Hopefully, he will also learn that his time sheet is NOT a sadistic form of torture invented by us to cause him great pain. It has a strict due date because that’s how payroll works, DMM Robot! It’s not personal! Gah!

Past Staff

Chris Kendzora
Assistant Editor

Chris is a network engineer based in Chicago, Illinois. His professional background is exclusive to information technology and computer science, but he is also quite possibly the world’s foremost authority on the Warhammer 40k novels, much to the chagrin of his teammates. He lives and breathes science fiction and fantasy, and he gets the same amount of enjoyment from reading the Lord of the Rings novels as he does from studying the imagined family lineages of the story’s characters. He is a writer of science fiction news and reviews, and he will contribute his weird sense of criticism to Dark Matter Magazine.