Aylin Sophia aka Pevvit

Dark Matter Magazine Contributions

Life Aquatic
Interior Art Feature
Issue #4, July/August 2021

Splash Page for “Water Mosaic of a Mother” by Pearse Anderson
Issue #4, July/August 2021


Aylin is a multi-versed artist with a BFA degree in illustration. She is currently based in the U.S. Northeast. 

She specializes in concept art, poster art, and book illustration. Her favorite subjects to illustrate are creatures and organic matter, specifically anything with bizarre colors and textures. She intends to expand her portfolio of otherworldly beings by sinking deeper into the realm of sci-fi illustrations. 

Her interests outside of art include linguistics, dance, and sauteing chickpeas. Her ultimate dream is to somehow experience the colors only mantis shrimps are capable of seeing. 

Website: https://aylinsop.com/

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