Dark Matter Magazine Contributions

Interior Art Feature
Issue #1, January/February 2021

Dark Matter T-Shirt Design



Miguel “Miggy” Aguilar has been hooked on sci-fi ever since he saw his first movie in the theater, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back! He also realized that there is something not right with the world and would agree with Carl Jung that everyone has a dark side. But like William James, evil must be confronted and defeated even within ourselves. This is what drives his often darkly spiritual work. He also realizes that sci-fi and horror have always been intrinsically linked from the origin of the sci-fi genre, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. But not everything is that serious in Miggy’s world, because deep down, he is just a cartoonist. And since most of his life, he has supported himself as a caricaturist, he prefers those to photos of himself, mainly because he thinks he’s funny looking. When not drawing caricatures, he sometimes works on his lowbrow artwork or comics and even the occasional rock flyer. He lives in Ft. Worth, TX.

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