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A Twisted Run
Issue #5, September/October 2021

A Twisted Run


Guy McDonnell graduated summa cum laude from the Bob Dole School of the Third Person. On turning fifty, Guy decided to divest himself of responsibility and mostly left behind an engineering career. Mostly. Shortly after, Guy’s wife insisted he find something to do that did not involve creating doorways just because he could. Consequently, Guy turned to writing. After all, given the number of published manuscripts out there—many not worth reading—how hard could it be? As it turns out, Guy now thinks that is a rhetorical question. Guy is currently writing madly in an effort to ensure his grandson has something to read as a young adult; an age which Guy, as the observer, knows will happen very, very soon.

Guy is proud to join the group of talented authors selected by the publishers of Dark Matter Magazine and is looking forward to all of the upcoming issues. In particular, Guy is looking forward to the issue in which his work will be included.