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Her Name Is Jo
IsIssue #6, November/December 2021

Her Name Is Jo


John Allen (J.W. Allen) is an award winning SFF writer from England. He holds a degree in Theological Studies and several diplomas in creative writing. Always a huge reader of science fiction and fantasy, John writes to explore our own world and its many cultures. In 2015, he was published by the BSFA in Vector, and many of his articles and stories have appeared online. His flash tragedy Dear Jess made the final 10 shortlist in the Val Wood Prize 2019. In 2018, his dark fantasy, By the Boiler’s hand, was longlisted for the James White Award and published by Dark Tales in 2020. His urban fantasy short Thanks for Applying, gained an Honorable Mention Award in the Writers of the Future contest in 2017. John has spoken at many conventions including Nine Worlds and BristolCon, and he is an active member of several SFF writer groups including Spectrum London Writers.

John is a champion of promoting better mental health in society, and in the UK has worked with Mind, ReThink Mental Illness, WellMent and Time to Change providing speaking, training, admin support and writing services.

He lives behind a pile of books on the east coast of England, creating new worlds and civilizations in his mind. You can follow John on Twitter @TheOnlyJohnnyA and via his website at johnallenwriter.com

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