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Dark Matter Magazine Presents: New Voices in Science Fiction
July 2020


Kyle Stück—who enjoys describing himself in the third-person—was born in the jungles of Ecuador, a magical land laden with mystical and wise jaguars, empanadas, and a cool air that has yet to be matched. Currently, the up-and-coming writer resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas where he spends most of his days penning the horror, comedy comic “Evil Cast” and hosting “Humming Fools,” a podcast dedicated to all the artists and dreamers out there. Along with that, Kyle has a published collection of poetry under his belt titled “Culaccino: Tales & Thoughts from an Anxious Mind.” When he’s not writing or describing himself in the third-person, Kyle busies himself with absorbing all forms of media and eating/drinking with his fan-base, all of whom he normally refers to as his “friends and family.”

Check out his website: https://www.ominous.media

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