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One of Us
Issue #5, September/October 2021

One of Us

The Rusk
Halloween Special Issue, October 2021


Louis B. Rosenberg is the author of three sci-fi graphic novels (Eons, Upgrade, and Monkey Room) as well as the award winning web-series Lab Rats. His most recent publication, Arrival Mind, is a dark and surreal picture-book about the impending dangers of artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, Rosenberg is also a well-known AI researcher, so his warnings about AI are more fact than fiction. His short stories have appeared (or will soon appear) in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, Points in Case, Sci-Fi Lampoon, Dark Lane Books Anthology Vol. 10, and Tales to Terrify podcast. He lives and works on a noisy animal sanctuary in sunny California.

Author Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/Louis-Rosenberg/e/B00J3NO2DQ