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The Last Miner
Issue #2, March/April 2021

The Last Miner


Tom Jolly is a retired astronautical/electrical engineer who spends his time writing science fiction and fantasy, designing board games, and creating obnoxious puzzles. His stories have appeared in Analog SF, Daily Science Fiction, Compelling Science Fiction, New Myths, and a number of anthologies, including Shards, Fell Beasts and Fair, As Told by Things, and Tales of Magic and Destiny. His recent fantasy novel, An Unusual Practice, is available on Amazon, along with two short story collections. He lives in Santa Maria, California, with his wife Penny in a place where mountain lions and black bears still visit, especially if you own any chickens. You can discover more of his stories at www.silcom.com/~tomjolly/tomjolly2.htm and follow him on Twitter (@tomjolly19) or Facebook (@TJWriter) or on Amazon.

Recent Publications (All Available at Amazon)

A Breath of Air, in the May/June 2020 issue of Analog SF (www.analogsf.com).

Sticks and Stones, in the July/Aug 2020 issue of Analog SF (www.analogsf.com).

A Different Sort of Death in Mythic, Issue 13 (www.mythicmag.com)

A Sacrifice for Aphrodite, May 2020 issue of Horror Magazine from Breaking Rules Publishing (www.breakingrulespublishing.com)

Dark Wings, in Unreal Vol. 1, from The Great Void (adityadeshmukh.com/the-great-void/)

Ring Wave, in The Year’s Top Hard Science Fiction Stories 4, at Amazon. (www.amazon.com)

Determined, in Eclectically Scientific, from Inklings Publishing. (www.inklingspublishing.com)

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