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Horror Poems

Horror Poems

By James Hancock

Hanging Point

There was a tree atop a hill
Whose branches black as night
No leaf would grow on twisted twigs
And shadow blocked the light

None would dare to climb the hill
Or look upon the tree
Standing close would bring a curse
And death would visit thee


I saw you from my window
I saw you on the train
I saw you in my dreams last night
You want to share my pain

I’ve dug a bed for you to rest
To stare up at the moon
My blistered hands are nearly healed
I’ll visit you real soon

I know the number of your house
I followed you one night
Collection day is on its way
You needn’t scream or fight

We’ll journey to the forest
We’ll kiss and say goodbye
I’ll wrap you in a linen sheet
And lay thee down to die

About the Author

© 2020, James Hancock

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