New Voices in Sci-fi

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Welcome to our new space dedicated to previously unpublished authors and their works of short fiction. The authors featured here are paid for their work, and they are published within 30 days of signing so that they can start promoting and publishing their other work sooner and hopefully to a larger audience. These stories, as published by Dark Matter, will only be available on our website. Look for more previously unpublished authors in our bi-monthly print and digital magazine, beginning January 2021.

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August 2020


by Justin Diviney

This month’s story in our New Voices in Sci-fi series is a dark, icy descent into a truly alien world. Is life itself cancerous? Or do our desires to communicate—to derive meaning from patterns; and to derive love from that meaning—prove that we are more than just slaves to our biology?

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July 2020


by Kyle Stück

Our first story in our New Voices in Sci-fi series is a fun little piece of flash fiction that explores the unavoidable hazards of love. It’s a heartfelt tragicomedy with a twist that the author pitched to us as something that could have been written by Kilgore Trout. It’s also a nice jumping off point for some of our darker stories to come. Still no happy ending though. Enjoy.

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