Kitra is available now in paperback and ebook.

Lost in Space

Journey through the uncharted cosmos with Kitra and her ragtag crew in the new young adult sci-fi adventure, Kitra, by Hugo finalist, Gideon Marcus.

Review by Lucy McLaughlin, Dark Matter Magazine Senior Editor

January 11, 2021

Hugo Award finalist Gideon Marcus’s YA science fiction adventure follows the book’s namesake, Kitra, and her group of friends as they make their maiden voyage into deep space. Inspired by her desire for independence, Kitra uses every last penny she has to acquire a ship, which unfortunately, is an old naval craft requiring a number of critical repairs. After convincing her group of friends to come aboard as her crew, they work to restore the ship and launch a test flight.

The test, however, suddenly becomes a perilous journey through hyperspace. Now light years away from their home planet and running dangerously low on life support, Kitra and her shipmates must work together to find their way back.

Marcus uses his distinct background and literary talents to create a world full of diverse characters who are not afraid to venture outside of societal norms. Kitra and her friends are otherwordly, but their aspirations and individual struggles keep them relatable to any Earthbound reader. From social issues to gender identity, the group of characters bring current, real-life topics to this interstellar story of discovery.

Kitra is successful in providing a compelling action/adventure tale while maintaining an emotional drive that proves to be the heart of the story. On this journey, the reader is bound to fall in love with the characters and the relationships that develop along the way. Kitra is a worthwhile read for devoted YA fans and adult science fiction readers looking for some light fun, and it should be added to everyone’s reading list for the new year.

Kitra is available now.

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