Monster Mash

The creative team of Dan Bridges, Pablo Ayala, and Emily McGuiness prove that the zombie genre isn’t dead with their fresh take on the material in the new graphic novel from Latchkey Studios.

Review by The Book Dad, Dark Matter Magazine Contributing Writer

July 2, 2021

After a long and arduous school year, the college semester has finally ended, and what better way to kick it off than with a massive party. For most students, this is a time to shake off the stresses from the previous year, but for ex-military veteran Oz and his service dog, Leg, their problems have only just begun. After some serious peer-pressuring, Oz’s friend, Jer, convinces him to attend a Zombie-apocalypse-themed bash—a decision he will soon regret. The party takes a wild turn when people begin to transform into flesh-eating monsters. The few people immune to the change quickly realize that they are being forced into an elaborate game where only those willing to hack-and-slash their way to the bitter end will survive.

The Zombie Game is a tactful and witty graphic novel that takes a gruelingly overdone trope and crafts a fast paced, interactive experience that will make readers delve deep into the disturbing nature of this story. Like many tales of the walking dead, readers are faced with the haunting realization that the living can sometimes be so much worse. This concept is brought to life via a terrifying cinematic fashion, courtesy of artist, Pablo Ayala. Through scene after bloody scene, we are taken through a truly visceral journey, and deeper into the gory mystery.

One thing is evident: writer Dan Bridges put a lot of work into creating an engaging experience for the reader. He created a cast of likeable characters and placed them in a nightmarish scenario where their flaws work to their advantage. Every advancement in the game comes with another horrific obstacle. It’s a lot of fun to watch the undead hordes “level-up” in new ways every few pages, which makes surviving the game for Oz and his unruly gang of misfits increasingly more impossible.

I highly recommend this chomp-and-stomp-style graphic novel to horror enthusiasts looking for something that can reel them back into zombie fiction. Dan Bridges and Pablo Ayala are relentless in their endeavor to captivate the reader’s attention and grip it tightly from beginning to end. Get yourself ready for a game where hordes of the living dead are hunting for their next meal, and only the strong will survive.

The Zombie Game is available now at the Latchkey Studios store.

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